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As I mentioned in my last few posts, there is nothing I enjoy more than walking through the organization and talking to people.  I learn so much from so many, and I must admit I just enjoy being around nice people. I have gotten so used to walking around and talking to people that there are literally hundreds of people in the organization who I consider friends and teachers.  WAY too many to specifically talk about, but given what happened on July 18, I thought I would mention just one.

Fort Collins CIty Golf Champion - Russ Hickman

On July 18 Poudre Valley Hospital locksmith extraordinaire Russ Hickman shot the low score in the Senior Division of the Fort Collins City Golf Championship.  So, essentially, he is the best old golfer in Fort Collins🙂 That is no small accomplishment. I have had the opportunity to play golf and work with Russ for many years, and I can promise he is a fabulous golfer. But, better than that, he is a great person and a great leader.

I have learned as much from him about leadership and about life as anyone I know, and I consider him a friend and a mentor.  He is always so patient to spend time with me, show me that he really cares about me, and offer what I think is priceless advice about leading people, trusting yourself and conducting your life and your profession in an honorable fashion.  I hope that I can be half as good a leader with half as much wisdom as him at some point in my life.  I know I’ll never be as good of a golfer….so I don’t even think about that part anymore.

Fort Collins City Championship Leaderboard

Congratulations to Russ on his outstanding accomplishments, and thanks to Russ for taking the time to mentor me and to be my friend.


P.S.  Recommended reading:  As a part of Russ teaching me he recommended once that I read a book about golf and life titled “Golf’s Sacred Journey; Seven Days at the  Links of Utopia.”  I found the book very engaging and learned a lot about golf…and life…from that book.  You also may want to check it out.

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