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You know from my previous posts that I take great pride in our Rocky Mountain Robotics Institute.

I’m going to revisit the theme of  “the more you do, the better you get” –  this time in relation to robotic surgery. This past January, Rocky Mountain Robotics Institute surpassed 2,000 procedures, making it the most experienced program in Colorado.

Yesterday marked a special day for our robotics program, too.

Dr. Warren James, OB/GYN, reached an individual milestone, performing his 500th and 501st robotic-assisted gynecologic surgeries. And he’d be the first to say that his accomplishment is shared with our whole robotics team.

Here's Dr. James with some of MCR's OR/robotics team after completing his 501st procedure.

Dr. James helped create our program in 2004 and nationally, by number of surgeries done, he ranks in the top 5% of surgeons who perform robotic-assisted gynecologic procedures. We’re proud to have him as a key part of the kind of expertise and leadership that Rocky Mountain Robotics Institute provides for our patients.

Congratulations, Dr. James.


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Several years ago the Harvard Business Review printed an article about how quality of care improves as those providing the care do more and more.  If you subscribe to that theory, then there is no where else in Colorado you should trust with your robotic surgery….and there is no close second!

What a thrill it was today to celebrate the 2000th robotic surgery within the Poudre Valley Health System.  If you were not a part of the live chat or twittercast today, you can get the details at www.pvhs.org/robo2K. PVHS has done nearly double what any other facility in the state has done…which makes the PVHS robotic surgery program easily the most experienced in the state.  Why would anyone go anywhere else?

Thanks to Dr. Warren James, who performed the procedure today at Poudre Valley Hospital, and to Dr. Stephen Brutscher, who will perform a prostatectomy Thursday at Medical Center of the Rockies, again to be broadcast on Twitter and at pvhs.org/Robo2K, for their effort and support. They and their partners at The Women’s Clinic and Urology Center of the Rockies, along with several other physicians, have driven this program from the beginning.  Thanks also to the great staff at PVH and MCR for their working to distinguish this program.  Along with our friends at Intuitive Surgical we thrilled to lead the way in robotic surgery in Colorado.  Honestly…I’m not sure why you would go anywhere else!


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In the spirit of what’s to come, let me first try this in 140 characters:

PVHS celebrates 2,000 robotic surgeries by tweeting hysterectomy, prostatectomy from PVH and MCR next week. http://ow.ly/3A2wc #Robo2K

And with six characters to spare so you can retweet it. Now the blog version…

Poudre Valley Health System has reached a major robotic-assisted surgery milestone for our program, our community and our state, and we’re going to celebrate by giving the public a chance to watch two robotic surgeries unfold on Twitter. The first surgery, a hysterectomy at Poudre Valley Hospital, will begin at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 11.  I’ll also take questions about health care during a live web chat from 1-1:30 p.m. You can submit questions in advance to pvhs@pvhs.org or Twitter, or you can ask questions during the chat at http://www.pvhs.org/Robo2K.

The second surgery, a prostatectomy at Medical Center of the Rockies, will begin at noon on Thursday, Jan. 13.

You can follow the surgeries in a couple different ways: visit the Robo2K website, follow us on Twitter @pvhsnews or use the #Robo2K hashtag on Twitter.

Nearly 7 years ago PVHS was among the first in the state to launch a robotic-assisted surgery program. Since then we’ve done 2,000 such surgeries — about 1,000 more robotic-assisted surgeries than any other program in Colorado. That means our program is by far the most experienced in the state.

We encourage patients who are considering robotic surgery to ask about a program’s expertise and, more specifically, the number of robotic-assisted surgeries performed. We also recommend that people come to PVHS for robotic surgery because of the experience of our surgeons.

PVHS has made a concerted effort to reach the community wherever they are, including online. This blog is one example, as are our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr channels. The robotic surgery Twittercasts will be the first such broadcasts in Colorado.

Hope to see you there,


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As I have mentioned before, PVHS hospitals have been doing robotic surgery longer than most hospitals in the United States.  In fact, we offered robotic services for five years and had three robots working actively before there was even another robot in northern Colorado.  As a result, our Rocky Mountain Robotics Institute has done hundreds, if not thousands, more cases than any other program in northern Colorado.

Robotic surgery at Poudre Valley Health System

Dr. Warren James and his team perform a robotic surgery earlier this year.

In medicine, experience is everything. It is really a thrill to watch Rocky Mountain Robotics Institute at MCR and PVH maintain their leadership with this amazing technology and have people from around the world come to learn how we run our program. Earlier this month our program, along with Drs. Michael Lee and Ben Wisner of our robotic urology service, was featured on KUSA/9News’ Colorado and Company program (video).  These are just two of the 20 talented robotic surgeons (including Dr. Warren James, a pioneer in robotic gynecology and one of the most experienced robotic surgeons in Colorado) and amazing staff who are working to make this program truly extraordinary! Congrats to everyone involved in the program!

Enjoy the video!


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