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I’ll be honest. Collaborating to create the University of Colorado Health requires a great deal of work. You can imagine that the combining of two organizations – no matter how individually strong – takes a lot of effort.

That’s why it was especially energizing for us when Dr. Dan Theodorescu from the University of Colorado Cancer Center recently visited Fort Collins to meet with physicians and others.

Dr. Joshua Petit (left), director of Poudre Valley Health System's department of radiation oncology, and Dr. Dan Theodorescu, director of the University of Colorado Cancer Center, during Dr. Theodorescu's recent visit to Fort Collins.

Dr. Theodorescu joined the CU Cancer Center in 2010, and it’s easy to see why he was selected as only its second director since its founding in 1985.

His visit was our first by a director from one of our nation’s 40 NCI-designated comprehensive cancer centers. We are so fortunate in Colorado to have the caliber of CU Cancer Center serving global cancer discovery.

The fact is, though, that with the creation of University of Colorado Health, together we’ll take discovery and innovation to a whole new level. Work is underway to drive more connections and research opportunities between our cancer programs.

What’s so special about the joining of Poudre Valley Health System and the University of Colorado Hospital to create University of Colorado Health?

Our collaboration will combine the science of a leading academic cancer research center with the patient-centered focus of a leading community-based cancer care system.

Dr. Theodorescu discussed with us a bold vision for our joined cancer services in University of Colorado Health, where the patient care path will be integrated whether a patient is in Denver, Loveland, Cheyenne or anywhere in between.

This means that patients will be able to conveniently access the level of cancer care they need by virtue of connected teams across our academic- and community-based services.

Our integration means cancer researchers will gain much-needed access to more study participants by bringing more clinical trials to communities throughout northern Colorado, southern Wyoming and western Nebraska.

It also means University of Colorado Health cancer experts – whether in Aurora, Greeley, Loveland, or Fort Collins – will have the chance to share ideas and advance cancer cure by working together more often.

The Poudre Valley Cancer Network is expected to serve as a regional center of excellence and major resource hub in Dr. Theodorescu’s proposed growth model.

Dr. Theodorescu calls this vision a two-pillar program, leveraging our respective strengths to broaden cancer care offerings across our new system.

It’s our hope that we’ll soon extend the model to a three-pillar one, furthering the network to include Memorial Health System in Colorado Springs.

Individuals of vision have a way of framing growth and change so that people can recognize the chance to make something great. Dr. Theodorescu’s vision and enthusiasm left us all abuzz at our chance to create a better model for cancer care and discovery in Colorado.

On behalf of our cancer program physicians and staff, I’d like to thank Dr. Theodorescu for making the time to get to know us better. We look forward to working with you and your CU Cancer Center team.

For more information, go to the site for Colorado Cancer Blogs and read this blog.


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I have great news that I want to share with you.

The University of Colorado Hospital and Poudre Valley Health System announced Jan. 31 that we have completed the formal documents to create a new and unique health system in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain West. We have worked diligently on creating this partnership since we announced our intentions in the summer.

Our goal is vigorous, ambitious and extremely important to the health care of patients in our community and throughout Colorado. We will fully integrate the University of Colorado Hospital, the best academic medical center in the nation, with PVHS, one of the best community health system in the United States.

Because of the exceptional talent assembled in the new system, we can collectively accomplish patient-care outcomes that may be unachievable if either of our organizations moved forward alone. Together, we will be the most dynamic, high quality provider of patient care in the Rocky Mountain West and we expect that our new system will become a leader in remaking America’s healthcare system.

The name of the new system will be University of Colorado Health. In selecting this name, we conducted extensive research that determined the name has the highest appeal to patients we serve. In addition, the name makes the most sense when we take into account the much broader patient base that the new health system will serve: all of Colorado and possibly adjacent states.

Our local hospitals—Poudre Valley Hospital and Medical Center of the Rockies, and the University of Colorado Hospital—will retain their names and also be identified as part of University of Colorado Health.

I feel fortunate in being named as the chief executive officer of University of Colorado Health. I will be responsible for overall operation and strategic direction, and I will work closely with the new organization’s 11-member board and Bruce Schroffel, the University of Colorado Hospital president and CEO who has been named the president of the board of directors for University of Colorado Health.

Here’s what you can expect in the future:

The quality of local patient care in our community will be enhanced. Community members will still be treated locally. The new organization will be robust and we anticipate increasing local employment numbers for the healthcare professional and support industries. Our new organization will be far better for our local patients, physicians, staff members, and communities.

I would like to encourage you to learn more by attending one of the community town hall meetings that we will hold:

  • 5:30 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 7, in the Long’s Peak meeting room at the Medical Center of the Rockies, Loveland.
  • 5:30 p.m., Wed., Feb. 8, in the Cafe F meeting room at Poudre Valley Hospital, Fort Collins.
  • 5:30 p.m., Thur., Feb. 9, in MCR’s Long’s Peak meeting room.
  • 5:30 p.m., Fri., Feb. 10, in PVH’s Cafe F meeting room.
  • 5:30 p.m., Mon., Feb. 13, at the Greeley Medical Clinic, 1900 16th Street, Greeley.

For more information on the Jan. 31 announcement, please read the press release and visit the new organization’s website. And please visit our fact sheet to learn more about the new organization and its board of directors.

The creation of the new organization required dedicated efforts by many individuals–employees of the two organizations, the boards for each organization, physicians, and community leaders. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them!


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I received a magnificent video from Cherie Young, a PVHS employee. Her daughter, Sierra Young, was recently selected to serve as a volunteen at PVH. If you don’t know about the Volunteens…you should, it’s a big deal.

The Volunteers at Poudre Valley Health System are vital to everything we are able to accomplish. We could not do what we do without them.

What people generally don’t know is that for teenagers, aged 14 to 17, there is a specific opportunity to serve called Volunteen.

The Volunteens add a smile and cheer to both PVH and MCR…not to mention that they deliver chocolate chip cookies to the patients every afternoon (hmmm….now that I think of it…no wonder everyone loves them!🙂 🙂

Special thanks to Bob Schaffer, the principal at Liberty Common High School in Fort Collins, for taking the time to make this a special moment for Sierra. That reflects well on Bob, Liberty Common and all the Volunteens.

Thanks to all of our volunteers and volunteens for your service to PVHS. You are the best ever!


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You will no doubt remember my colonoscopy which I posted on my blog months ago.  It was a special experience!🙂

In the blog, I promised to push my wife to get hers….and I’m happy to say that she has now completed the task!  Good for her!

Her experience was almost the exact same as mine.  The agony of the prep is WAY overrated.  It really is not that bad.  In fact, she kept asking me when she would feel nagging stomach pains or intense cramps…and like me, she experienced neither. 

Plus…we now have the peace of mind of knowing that she has no problems and we have a 10 year window before scheduling her next colonoscopy.

Linda at a recent formal event. She wouldn't let me video her colonoscopy...so this will have to do. I still can't understand why she didn't want to do the whole video thing!🙂

Thanks to Dr. Rebecca Dunphy for treating my wife with such care.  Dr. Dunphy is a partner in Centers for Gatroenterology, where Dr. McElwee, who did my colonoscopy, is also a partner.  However, it is clear to me that Dr. Dunphy is much nicer!🙂 (okay…just kidding Dr. Mac!!!🙂

I will say that Linda and I heard so many people tell us how horrible the procedure was and how horrible the prep was…and neither she nor I had that experience. 

So….perhaps if you had that experience….mabye you are just going to the wrong doctor! 

Thanks also to Rebecca Craig and her team at the Harmony Surgery Center (FYI…The Harmony Surgery Center is a Joint Venture between local physicians and Poudre Valley Health System, and we have been thrilled with the relationship for more than a decade!).  Linda kept commenting to me about how nice they were and how hard they worked to make sure they met her every need.  Thanks again!

Finally…I’m going to try the guilt trip thing one more time.  For that, you will need to see a picture of my youngest grandchild, my granddaughter Adelyn.

My Granddaughter, Adelyn

Both my wife and I have now made an important effort we need to in order to see our grand daughter grow up.  I trust that you all will do the same! (so…did the “guilt trip” thing work??? :) 

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With all of the attention given yesterday to our participation in CoverColorado, I wanted to follow up so our patients who use the plan are absolutely clear:

Poudre Valley Health System and Poudre Valley Medical Group will participate as in-network providers with CoverColorado. There will be no change to coverage for CoverColorado participants at our facilities, and they can and should continue to schedule and receive care at our facilities with their CoverColorado plan.

We still have a meeting scheduled with CoverColorado next week, but our participation in the program does not hinge on that meeting.

If you still have questions or hear rumors, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on the blog, and I will respond. We want to make sure our patients have the best, most up-to-date information possible.


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I had the wonderful opportunity this week to visit the Chicago Health Executives Forum’s 35th anniversary celebration.  CHEF is the largest ACHE Chapter and a great supporter of health executives in Chicago.  I have to tell you, the event was spectacular and well worth attending.  Congratulations to the leaders and members of CHEF for your long-term commitment.  Some highlights of the meeting included:

Chicago Soul Children:  We had the good fortune of hearing the Soul Children of Chicago perform.  Wow…just…wow!  They started to sing and I honestly had to look closer to see if they were lip-syncing.  It was amazing!  Great job, kids!

Regina Herzlinger:  I also had the great opportunity to hear nationally recognized healthcare expert Dr. Herzlinger speak on Thursday night and participate with her on a panel on Friday morning.  My reaction is that she is gracious, personable and brilliant.  Those of you who know me know that one of my favorite sayings is that “it is easier to make nice people smart than it is to make smart people nice.”  Well….I can assure you that Regina Herzlinger is both nice AND smart. Very impressive.

If you have not read her best selling book “Who Killed Health Care” you would find it interesting.  Dr. Herzlinger’s book argues that if we were to alter the tax code in the United States such that individuals could gain control of spending their own healthcare dollars (as opposed to employers currently buying health insurance for their employees) that the decisions made by individual consumers in a free market would drive healthcare reform better than anything else we are doing.  She was fascinating, and when you add the fact that she was engaging as well, it made for a very enlightening day.  I highly recommend her book to you.

She also brought to our attention a very interesting web site.  The web site, called StickK, is an innovative site which helps people set and achieve personal wellness goals.  As consumers get more engaged in their own healthcare, Dr. Herzlinger argued that this type of process will be more and more available.  I think you would find the web-site most interesting.

Thanks to everyone at CHEF for your support of ACHE and for 35 great years!


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Some time ago I posted about Dr. Janice Weixelman, a captain in the United States Air Force and member of the medical staff of Poudre Valley Hospital.  For the past several months she has been stationed in Afghanistan while serving our country.  She has been sending periodic updates which have been a great way to stay in touch with her.

I’m glad to say that Dr. Weixelman is home now…safe and sound and back to her practice at Miramont Family Medicine.  However, before she came home she sent PVHS the most incredible memento of the trip.

Flag sent to PVHS by Dr. Weixelman

I’m not sure how well you can see this, but it is a flag and a certificate of authenticity.  The letter, from Dr. Weixelman, says that the flag was flown over Afghanistan during an airdrop mission to a forward operating base on December 24, 2010.  Honestly…how cool is this.

Thanks to Dr. Weixelman for her support of our country and support of primary care.  We are honored to work with you.


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