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Oh Brother….I know this is tense…but did you read this article in the Fort Collins Coloradoan on Friday?

So, again I say….if we want this to be legal…lets just make it legal.  But if you think this is still about patient care or medicine….you just don’t get it.


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 I’m sorry…I know I should resist the urge to publish this blog post…but I just can’t. 

Did you see the front page article earlier this week in the Fort Collins Coloradoan titled: “Legal Pot Feeds Black Market?”  The story is about how there is more marijuana being grown than would be needed for the registered users of the medical marijuana, and that the surplus could very easily end up in the black market.

I have to tell you, as some point this just becomes funny.  Is anyone really surprised about this?  And, to that point, does anyone really believe that “medical” marijuana is about patients or healthcare in any way?  Seriously?  Even if we concede the point that marijuana is beneficial for patients…can someone tell me why we need to have medical marijuana “dispensaries?”  Why don’t we need “medical morphine” dispensaries or “medical cocaine” dispensaries?  Both are routinely used in the provision of medical care?  Why not set up corner shops for those products as well? 

I can almost see that Coloradoans naively passed legislation 10 years ago thinking that they were going to help patients ease their pain.  I am actually convinced that in some stunningly small percentage that has actually happened.  But, certainly any reasonable person can see now that the purpose behind the medical marijuana push is simply to make marijuana available to as many people as possible. 

If that is what society wants, then lets just make it legal.  But, if that is not society’s intent, then lets either restrict access to marijuana based on a prescription by a licensed physician and dispensed through a licensed pharmacist or make it illegal all together.  But, lets stop pretending that we are meeting some extraordinary medical need by making dispensaries available when the purpose is clearly to legalize marijuana without telling people that is what we are doing. 


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