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I invite you to take time to learn how you can save lives.

You have a great educational opportunity at Poudre Valley Hospital on April 27 and the Medical Center of the Rockies on April 30 as each hospital hosts an open house on organ and tissue donations.

There are many heroic stories of hope and success in America because someone donated their organs and tissue at the time of death so another person could live.

Sign up to be an organ and tissue donor

Donate Life has a campaign underway to get 20 million more Americans to sign up to be donors.

One of the more touching stories comes from Loveland resident Tracy Sander, who lost her 7-year-old son, Colin, following an automobile crash in northern Colorado almost a decade ago.

“When my husband and I were informed at the hospital that he probably would not survive, we were devastated,” Tracy recalls. “We spent as much time as possible in our son’s room holding his hand and talking to him. He was pronounced brain dead at noon the following day.”

Tracy and her husband had to make many decisions in the days following the tragic accident. One of the decisions was to donate their son’s organs.

“One of his kidneys went to a mother of three in Iowa, the other to a father of three in Iowa, and his liver to a 2-year-old boy in Kansas City,” Tracy says. “Colin’s heart was bruised, but the doctors were able to recover his heart valves to implant in other patients.

Now, years later, Tracy says “nothing can ever take away the pain of losing our precious Colin, and we have never regretted our decision to donate.”

“We know Colin is proud,” Tracy says.

I’d like to invite you to attend an open house at either MCR or PVH. If you go to MCR, you’ll want to hear Tracy tell her story. She and other families with members who received or donated organs will have a speaker’s panel at 11 a.m. and noon.

The Rocky Mountain Threads of Life quilt will be displayed at the Medical Center of the Rockies April 30 Donor Open House. Each square of the quilt was created to represent the thoughts and feelings a family has about a loved one who donated or received an organ or tissue.

Right now, 119,000 Americans are waiting for an organ donation. More than 2,200 people in Colorado and Wyoming are waiting for organ transplants.

Eighteen people will die today because they had not received a donation. One organ donor can save up to eight lives.

If you have a Colorado driver’s license, the back of it will give you information on how to reach the Colorado Donor Registry to sign up to be a donor.

Please do so!


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