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Tim was asked how he knew something was wrong. “There were no symptoms. And that’s the scary part. Prostate cancer doesn’t tell you when to go to the doctor because you don’t feel a thing.”

The Fort Collins based photographer recently completed radiation therapy for prostate cancer. Tim received treatment with the TrueBeam STx linear accelerator, regarded as the world’s most advanced technology for treating cancerous tumors.

“The earlier you find the cancer the higher the survival rate,” said Dr. Josh Petit, MD, radiation oncologist.

Watch more patient stories from our cancer care program.

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Poudre Valley Health System recently installed the region’s most advanced cancer treatment technology. Unfortunately, cancer has become a significant disease, and it seems we all know family members, friends or community members who have it.

I encourage you to learn more about the TrueBeam STx that we just put in place at our Harmony Campus in Fort Collins.

This innovative, highly precise new cancer treatment, with highly effective image-guided radiosurgery technology, is the first in northern Colorado, Wyoming and western Nebraska, a hugely positive benefit for patients.

This specialized cancer radiation treatment will be highly used by cancer patients referred to our oncologists by Fort Collins doctors, Loveland doctors, Greeley doctors, and physicians elsewhere throughout our region. It will also be a cornerstone of the Fort Collins cancer center that we are constructing on Harmony Campus.

A letter that says it all…

I want to share a letter I received from Dr. Joshua Petit, medical director of our award-winning oncology program…and radiation oncologist extraordinaire!

Please read his letter below and you’ll learn that the TrueBeam STx is an important addition in the treatment of cancer in our region.

“Dear Rulon:

“This past week marked the culmination of nearly two years of dreaming, planning and great preparation (basically since the moment I brought my practice to PVHS), with the clinical implementation of the TrueBeam STx linear accelerator on the Harmony Campus.

Dr. Joshua Petit, a doctor of radiation oncology who spearheaded the new cancer treatment using a TrueBeam STx at Poudre Valley Health System

Dr. Joshua Petit, radiation oncologist

“This multi-million dollar, megavoltage, high-precision medical device performs the most technically demanding medical imaging and radiation treatment delivery in the history of radiation oncology. Of course, someday this platform will be surpassed, but at this moment the TrueBeam STx is the most technically advanced linear accelerator in existence, and with this capability and precision comes great responsibility.

“I am pleased to inform you that we have been treating a number of very grateful patients without a single problem. Our success is a testament to the diligent process that has been undertaken by our departmental staff, radiation oncology team, physicists and physicians, and the critical support of the health system, especially JoAnn Lovins (the PVHS cancer service line director), in helping to achieve all of the ambitious goals we set for safe, high quality implementation.

“Going forward, we will not only maintain this focus, we will continue to pursue quality improvement every day.

 “Thank you all for your support of my vision for the future of radiation and cancer care in the system. The marriage of our clinical expertise with a treatment armamentarium that is now equal to any major program will bring superior outcomes for our patients.

“You will continue to hear much more about the new and exciting treatments offered to our patients. More importantly, you will see the positive outcomes as they are formally presented, and you will likely hear about them through friends, family, and other members of the system.”

So….this is Rulon again….how cool is this? We are in good hands. Thanks to all of the PVHS folks who worked so hard to be the first to bring this service to our region!

For you, the reader, I’d like to ask this:

If you have personal stories to share about cancer, please email them to me at pvhs@pvhs.org. I am interested in publishing stories of hope and successes and challenges that cancer patients face.


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